Six Years ago, Liliana Orozco, Business entrepreneur and German Noriega, Civil Engineer with a master’s degree in Finance invested in a running Bakery with the idea to bring a piece of our native country, Colombia, to the Latin community in the Northern Virginia Area. Initial steps included the incorporation of Empanadas, Pandebono y Buñuelos and Colombian Dishes like the Bandeja Paisa, Ajiaco and Sancocho de Gallina. After a very complex first year of getting the right products, training the staff, adjusting menus among other activities, AROMA CAFE set the official opening day to the community on November 14, 2014. Thanks to the excellent support from the community, the company invested in new equipment, staff training, expanding the customer and the kitchen area and created new commercial alliances to keep the quality and the number of products to keep up with the increasing demand.

With the growing acceptance of the Latin food in the northern Virginia area, in early June 2019, Liliana and German decided to build a full-service Restaurant to promote South American gastronomy to the Prince William County area. The concept is to present a fusion of Colombian, Peruvian, and international cuisine incorporating high culinary techniques to the customers. With that in mind, the company engaged a prestigious architectural and Engineer firm to bring the ideas to a project. The construction was completed at the end of August. Today with the help of a very experienced Peruvian Chef (in Peru) and the hands of a very experienced executive chef in the house, the new Restaurant, AROMA LATIN FUSION, opens its doors to the public presenting a menu full of surprises combining exotic flavors from Colombia and Peru. AROMA CAFÉ and AROMA LATIN FUSION will keep the same main purpose, to bring a piece of our native countries to your platter.

Our Chefs

Antonio and Jean Paul Poggi Peruvian by birth, one graduated in haute cuisine and the other in Hospitality and Tourism, both with 18 years of experience in the gastronomic field. They were the head chef of their own restaurant for 12 years, in 2015 they came to the USA to publicize their cuisine and today at 34 they present Aroma Latin Fusion, where they will show the most traditional dishes of Peru and Colombia with the touch that always characterizes them.

We are very excited about this new challenge and we are sure that we will conquer the most exquisite and demanding palates in the metropolitan area